What is Android?

Android is simple to understand

What is Android?

Everyone has heard of Windows; or the Mac operating system; or maybe even Linux.   Each is an operating system for a computer.  In phones, you may have heard of Symbian (Nokia’s operating system), Windows for Mobile, and Iphone OS, among others.

BASIC ANSWER:  “Android” is an operating system for smartphones.

WHAT IS AN OPERATING SYSTEM:  An operating system tells the computer in your phone what to do and how to do it

Android was created by Google.  Well, technically it was create by some other company that Big-G swallowed like a bad pill.  But since it was acquired, Google has improved it dramatically and used the Big-G clout to gain a huge market share of devices that have now switched to the Android operating system.

It is kind of like the brains running your phone or tablet.  Easy to understand now right?

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