What is all this Ice Cream and Jelly Bean and Frosted Flakes? What is the current Android version?

Google Never Calls me for my opinion.Well, Frosted Flakes is cereal and it has nothing to do with Android.  But it is sugary and they could have used it for the version “F”.  But they didn’t.  Google rarely calls and asks for my suggestions anyway.

Google has a reputation for being a “fun” and “light” company.  Considering it won the “Number 1 Best Company to Work For in America” award, I guess they are doing something right.  What other company offers …

[A Google Office Includes] … foosball, chess, a library, video games like Guitar Hero, unlimited snacks and drinks, a popcorn machine, and an electronic instrument set. Workers can have free breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and yoga classes twice a week and can shower in one of the office’s bathrooms. There is also a sleeping couch …

So to keep with Big-G’s simple and fun lifestyle, someone decided to name all the Android versions after a desert or a sugary sweet.  It makes you think that each time a new version is released they all head to the bakery!  Well, in Big-G’s case, I’m sure the bakery delivers!



Here are the current versions:

What are the Current Versions of Android?

    • 1.0 – Android beta.
    •  1.5 – Android Cupcake.
    •  1.6 – Android Donut.
    • 2.0/2.1 – Eclair.
    • 2.2.x – Froyo.
    • 2.3.x – Gingerbread.
    • 3.x – Honeycomb (used mainly for tablets.)
    • 4.0.x – Ice Cream Sandwich (both for phones and tablets.)
    • 4.1/4.2 – Jelly Bean (both for phones and tablets)  (released 11/13/2012)
    • 4.3 – Jelly Bean (July 24, 2013)
    • 4.4 – KitKat – (November 2013)
    • 5.0 – Lollilop – (November 2014)
    • 5.1 – 5.1.1 – Lollilop – (March 2015)
    • 6.0 – Marshmallow – (October 2015)

Yes, they are named after a desert or a sugary snack.   Welcome to Google world.


PS:  How many of you really know what FROYO is?  It was the name of version 2.2.x.  As I said, my phone must have been busy when they called for my opinion, because I would have certainly said Frosted Flakes!   If you guessed “Frozen Yogurt”, then you get a gold-star.


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