What Android Phone Is The Best For A Heavy Texter?

I’ve been looking into getting an android phone from verzion, but I am a REALLY heavy texter, I text about 30,000 texts per month, and I want a phone that is easy to text on and isn’t difficult to use. Right now I have an env3, and I absolutely love the keyboard layout, but the phone has so many glitches.


EDIT:  We get this question a lot, especially from those with large hands.

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2 Responses to What Android Phone Is The Best For A Heavy Texter?

  1. Mike says:

    Well, its really preference if its up to texting, i would go to a verizon store and test out all the different android phones. I prefer the droid incredible (no physical keyboard but the software keyboard is good). Next the droid x but its too big of a phone for me. Then the droid 2 (wich is the only one with a real keyboard). Those are the best (fastest android phones on verizon. Although im not sure about the other ones that arent called “droid” though there not as fast but again i would test them out at the verizon store.

  2. james239 says:

    try motorola devour. best keyboard compared to the droid

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