What about “apps”? What do I do with an “app”?

What about “apps”?  What do I do with an “app”?

Apps“Apps” is short for application and is an add-on or simplified modification to the software.  I am stuck in old school and still call them “programs”.  For instance, I download a program that allows me to block the calls and texts from people that I don’t want to hear from.  Calling it a program was easier for me to wrap-my-head-around.  However, for most people, calling it an application caught on and no one refers to these “add ons” as “programs” anymore.

Apps are available for virtually any need.  Here is a good example of what an app can be used for.  Imagine that you want to go to your facebook account.  You open your web browser on your phone (just like a computer browser like firefox or internet explorer) and type in the address for facebook.  The page appears with all the standard wasted space that a browser has at the top and bottom of your already-limited screen.

Download a facebook app on the other hand and things change.  First, you get a one-touch icon on your home page that will take you directly to facebook without having to open a browser and without having to type in a location.  And second, you get full utilization of your screen to view facebook.  The display was custom created to display the facebook pages, using every bit of your screen for facebook, making it easier to see.

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