[Video] -NVIDIA Shows Off The particular Tegra 4 With Enhanced Zombie Driver, Side-By-Side With ‘Non Tegra 4’

Yesterday, we have a good eyeful of NVIDIA’s brand new Tegra 4 as well as Tegra 4i, together with the Phoenix, az, NVIDIA’s great reference device. The standards were quite impressive in comparison to current-generation processors, but almost all we got to determine with regards to video gaming performance was obviously a brief demo of Real Packing.

Within a video posted today to NVIDIA’s YouTube tv channel, the nick maker showcases the “Tegra 4 enhanced Zombie Driver, ” alongside with online game running on a “non-Tegra 4” device. The difference (as with many Tegra-enhanced games) is day and night. The video puts on full display Tegra’s dynamic dark areas and illumination, textural improvements, and general finesse. Have a look on your own.

Once again, NVIDIA’s response to when we’ll first start seeing these chips is really a tough “Q2, inches so while the chip’s efficiency looks excellent, we’ve got a while to await yet before seeing these in new mobile phones and pills.

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