Probable Press Images Of The TELUS Nexus 5 Have Made an appearance, Show New Camera Symbol, Other Minor Tweaks

Update: Official push images of the Nexus 5 fresh from Google’s own servers have since made an appearance, confirming that the UI shown below is legit.

At this stage, we’ve all seen leaked photos of the upcoming Nexus 5 and had a glimpse at what Android four. 4 “KitKat” may look like. Then we watched a video that put the two with each other. Now we find ourselves taking a look at more leaked images that the same. These images offered by Mobile Syrup give Canadians a small taste of what to expect when they get their hands on the TELUS version of the Nexus 5.


If these pictures are to be trusted, they disclose a new camera icon and also a new folder background, the transparent circle. Again, Hangouts has replaced Messenger since the default app for texting, and though this much isn’t apparent from the image, we know KitKat will require that users choose just one default SMS application.

There’s nothing otherwise to see here. Now, we all wait.

Source: Cellular Syrup

Thanks, Murray Rush plus Piyush.

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