Motorola isn’t updating the Moto G4 line to Android Oreo as it said it could, and that’s bullshit

You know who everyone hates? Liars. Nobody likes getting promised something, only to get it taken away without explanation. From launch, Motorola advertised Google android N and O improvements for the Moto G4 collection, but to the shock of several G4 owners, none of these to were listed in the company’s official Oreo update list. In fact , all mention of this promise has been wiped away. Motorola, this is bullshit.

Motorola mentioned that the Moto G4 line (or at the very least, the G4 Plus) can have Android O on many occasions.

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Motorola isn’t updating the Moto G4 line to Google android Oreo as it said it might, and that’s bullshit was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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