Search engines Updates Platform Circulation Numbers – Jelly Bean On A third Of Products, Gingerbread Nevertheless Hanging On Along with 36. 10%

Search engines has updated the particular developer dashboard along with new platform submission numbers, and they show a nice uptick for Google’s latest and also greatest. Jelly Bean (versions four. 1 and also four. 2) reach 33% of active Android products, or approximately one-third from the marketplace. Gingerbread, still continues its slow slide downwards while staying stubbornly higher.




A month ago Gingerbread was chugging along at kunne 38. 10%, therefore the last 30-days saw a 2% decrease. That’s actually a slight speed in the rate of drop. Jelly Coffee bean rose 3. 4% within last months update, when compared with a good increase of about four. 6% this time.


Some other versions of Google android continue to change. ICS is actually down a portion, as are Froyo, Éclair, and also Donut. Honeycomb continues to be used by essentially no one. Keep in mind these numbers are actually according to devices which have checked into the Play Store within the last 2-weeks, however it’s a reasonable measure of phones and tablets that are to be utilized on a regular base.


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