CyanogenMod ten. 2 To add New ‘Global Blacklist’ To Block Calls, TEXT MESSAGE, Or Both

Based on an article by Brian van Tonder previously tonite, CyanogenMod’s 4. 3-based ten. 2 iteration will be able to include the “Global Blacklist” amongst its features.

CyanogenMod is famous for its subtle yet incredibly useful additions and tweaks in order to stock Android, and also the brand new Blacklist will mix right within the “holo certified interface”.

Since the name signifies, the particular blacklist will be truly worldwide – it is going to support obstructing of calls and messages, will be configurable through Settings, Phone, and Messages, and available to third-party apps using a “new Articles Provider API”.

Users can enter penalized numbers from their address book (the Individuals app) as well as block figures along with wildcards, or those which are unknown and/or exclusive.

Besides that, the particular blacklist makes obstructing unwanted calls and messages exceedingly simple – blacklisting choices will appear in the in-call screen, call history, quick reply popups, and also the Messages app’s conversation watch.

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Some, you shouldn’t expect a good ETA in the CM group, but they have great to know that ten. 2 may pack in some great new features.

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