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Best smart lights for Amazon Alexa

Which smart lights are the most effective if you’re rolling with Amazon Alexa? It’s a trick query. All of them are great. (OK, some are better than others. ) We’re starting to get to the stage where smart lights are a penny a dozen. OK, they’re not really anywhere near that inexpensive yet. But prices are continuing to drop. And perhaps more important is that they basically all work together with Amazon Alexa —   and that means if you have the particular Echo or Echo Department of transportation or Echo Show or any type of offshoots, you’re good to go. And so they all generally work exactly the same. Hook in whatever you account you have with an Alexa Skill, and you’re up and running. Commands are generally the same. Grouping lighting into rooms is generally exactly the same. The future, boys and girls, is pretty much here. Or something. The actual question, then, is which one should you get? We’ve got a brand new few favorites, and one old favorite. Philips Hue Appear, there’s a reason these things are so popular. They just work. And they work very, very well. And it’s not… Continue reading

Motorola isn’t updating the Moto G4 line to Android Oreo as it said it could, and that’s bullshit

You know who else everyone hates? Liars. No one likes being promised some thing, only to have it taken away without explanation. At launch, Motorola advertised Android N plus O updates for the Moto G4 line, but to the shock of many G4 owners, none of these phones were listed in the company’s official Oreo up-date list. In fact , all reference to this promise has been wiped away. Motorola, this is hoke.

Motorola mentioned that the Moto G4 line (or at the very least, the G4 Plus) would get Android Um on many occasions.

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Motorola isn’t updating the Moto G4 series to Android Oreo since it said it would, and that’s bullshit was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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The phone app helped kept lives during Hurricane Harvey

Read how the Zello app helped civilian first responders find plus rescue people trapped in Harvey’s flood waters. Your own phone can seem like a godsend at times. But this story from the Houston Chronicle displays how a miniature computer that can install and run applications literally saved lives. You need to read Holly Hartman’s story to understand how anyone with a phone app, no matter where these are, can help when a dire situation happens. It’s a powerful story that just might bring you to tears: both at the terrible situation of some of Harvey’s victims and how one person was able to step up and make a difference. Understand: I downloaded an app. And suddenly, was part of the Cajun Navy. It also displays how the things we use every day are now indispensable. The same phone you use to play a game title or watch YouTube movies with is also a tool that an amazing group of regular people utilized to save lives. Let that will sink in for a moment: people didn’t die because of a smart phone app. The app in question is Zel… Continue reading

Facer updated to v4. zero with designs from traditional watchmakers, wrist selfies, and more

We’ve been referring to Facer since the early days associated with Android Wear; even before third-party watch faces were officially supported. The app has gone through some big changes over the years, and today it’s obtaining one of its largest updates ever. Facer 4. 0 provides content from a number of traditional watchmakers, along with a revamped web site, wrist selfies (yes, really), and a system to detect copyright infringement. Okay, you’re probably not going to be happy about that last one.

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Facer updated to v4. 0 with designs from traditional watchmakers, wrist selfies, and more was written by the awesome team in Android Police.

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YouTube for Android TV second . 01. 04 update regains brand accounts and funnel switching [APK Download]

The update to edition 2 . 0 ushered in certain major changes to Youtube . com for Android TV. Most of them were superficial, but there have been also useful things like having the ability to turn off autoplay. It also got a fair amount of criticism pertaining to essentially just being a web wrapper and having some things missing. The biggest frustration for many was that you could no longer sign in with a brand accounts or switch channels while you could in the previous release.

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YouTube for Google android TV 2 . 01. ’04 update brings back brand accounts and channel switching [APK Download] was authored by the awesome team in Android Police.

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Amazon teams up with Microsoft to integrate Alexa with Cortana

Alexa will be able to get in touch with Cortana, and vice versa. Amazon and Microsoft are usually teaming up to integrate their digital assistants. You’ll quickly be able to talk to Cortana by saying, “Alexa, open Cortana” from an Alexa-powered device like the Echo, and vice versa. The integration brings new functionality for both digital assistants, giving customers the ability to access the unique capabilities of each platform. Cortana is definitely deeply integrated with the Office suite, and Alexa users will soon be able to access that information — including booking a meeting, viewing forthcoming calendar events, reading function emails, setting reminders, and more. Microsoft is set to release Cortana-enabled speakers later this year, and teaming up with Amazon gives Cortana the ability to influence Alexa’s vast trove associated with skills, including the ability to manage smart home products and ordering items on Amazon. possuindo. From Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: Ensuring Cortana is available for our cus… Continue reading

CloudFlare, Google, and others teamed up to consider down WireX botnet dispersed in ~300 apps in the Play Store

On August 17th, the botnet that would later be named WireX struck the ‘net, DDoSing a handful of CDNs and content providers. Cloudflare just revealed the details of the DDoS and the fight against this in a recent blog post. Researchers at the company as well as other affected organizations were able to combat the particular botnet by determining the original source, which was primarily found to be Android devices running harmful applications, some of which were distributed by the Play Store.

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CloudFlare, Google, and the like teamed up to take down WireX botnet distributed in ~300 apps on the Play Store was written by the awesome team at Android Law enforcement.

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HTC promises Android 8. 0 updates for the U11, Oughout Ultra, and HTC ten

Google has made Android 8. 0 Oreo official, and some Pixel plus Nexus phones have already got the OTA. So , the time has come for OEMs to make vague promises about updating their existing hardware to Android 8. 0. 1st up is HTC, that has said on Twitter the Android 8. 0 update is coming to the  HTC U11, HTC U Extremely, and HTC 10.

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HTC promises Android 8. 0 updates for the U11, U Ultra, and HTC 10 was authored by the awesome team in Android Police.

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Exactly what devices can play Amazon Music?

You are able to listen to Amazon Music upon nearly any device that’s out there. String up 2 tin cans on a flag pole, and that might work, too. (Or not. ) Here’s a more definitive checklist, though. Amazon Music is as ubiquitous as just about any additional music service out there. Tens of millions of songs. Available on almost any device you can think of. Inside your car. On your phone. On a TV. On your computer. Here’s the breakdown of all the devices you may use with Amazon Music, and where to find their respective applications: iPhone and iPad: Strike up this link in iTunes.
Android: You’ll find it on the search engines Play, and on the Amazon . com Appstore.
Mac and PC desktop app: Download it here. Works with Mac OPERATING SYSTEM 10. 9 and up, plus Windows 7 and up.
Amazon . com Echo: If you’ve got an Amazon . com Echo and are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’re good to go. Just tell Alexa to play some music!
On the web: Are able to your nearest internet browser plus head here.
In your car: If you’ve got Android Auto or even Apple’s CarPlay, you’re covered…. Continue reading

Search engines I/O 2017 app’s source code released on GitHub to demonstrate the newest, best practices regarding Android devs

Every year for the past few years, Search engines releases an app designed for I/O attendees. Then, a couple of months afterwards, the company uploads the app’s source code to GitHub. This year’s I/O app was aptly named “Google I/O 2017, ” and now, if you’re an Android programmer, you can go through its source code to see what new techniques you can implement into the own app(s).

The biggest addition to the particular I/O 2017 app was the event reservation system, which usually enabled attendees to make bookings and join waitlists intended for various events without having to remain in long lines.

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Google I/O 2017 app’s source code released on GitHub to demonstrate the newest, best practices for Android devs was written by the amazing team at Android Police.

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