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Google android O feature spotlight: Dev options has new “Window animation scale” and “Force RTL layout direction” quick settings tiles

We’ve hit the majority of the high points in our mission to find all the important things in the new Android O beta. Still, there are some little information that will interest developers plus huge Android dorks (that’s probably you). If you venture into the developer options, you will find two new quick configurations tiles to enable:   “Window animation scale” and “Force RTL layout direction. ”

To enable these, you have to turn on the programmer options menu in the usual way.

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Android O feature spotlight: Dev options has new “Window animation scale” and “Force RTL layout direction” fast settings tiles was authored by the awesome team at Android Police.

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OnePlus 5 teaser reveals 4 color variants, including a unicorn option

The OnePlus 5 could be available in black, unicorn, red, and precious metal color options at release. As we get closer to the launch of the OnePlus five, the company is teasing additional details about its upcoming range topping. The latest tweet suggests the telephone will be offered in four color options, including a various colored unicorn hue: What 5hould the color of your next mobile phone be? 😉 pic. tweets. com/5FevP1VSq5— OnePlus (@oneplus) May 22, 2017 The color choices — unicorn and red-colored in particular — will undoubtedly differentiate the OnePlus 5, and it’ll be interesting to see how the company handles the rollout. That’s if it actually expects to manufacture a mobile phone that will perfectly complement your preferred beverage. What we do know for many is that the OnePlus 5 may feature camera(s) tuned simply by DxO, and that an reveal is slated for at some point next month. From earlier leakages, it’s evident that the cell phone will have dual rear digital cameras at the back, and OnePlus is allegedly consi… Continue reading

Google android O feature spotlight: The settings search now shows installed apps, results will have subtext

Google added research online function to the Android settings app back in Android 5. 0, making it far easier for new users to find exactly what they need.   Starting with Android U, the search results not only include subtext to better explain the outcomes, but apps are now incorporated as well.

As you probably understand, there’s an Apps sub-section in the Settings app with a list of all installed programs. But if you needed to see the App info for a particular app, you couldn’t use the search – you had to scroll down the long list until you found what you needed.

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Android O feature spotlight: The settings lookup now shows installed apps, results now have subtext has been written by the awesome group at Android Police.

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Google is building full-on Android for the car with Volvo and Audi


Today Google offers revealed more info on their new standalone Android platform designed for cars. Unlike Android Auto, which just casts info from your phone onto whatever software your vehicle maker provides tossed together, the new system is based on Android and provides some of the same tools Android Auto had natively. Google revealed this initiative finally year’s I/O, but there hasn’t been much news aside from Chrysler’s concept back at CES.

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Search engines is building full-on Android for the car with Volvo and Audi was authored by the awesome team in Android Police.

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Video clip: Everything you need to know about the Galaxy S8’s camera

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has taken some warmth for not changing much in the cameras compared to last year’s S7. But if you only concentrate the hardware, you miss the big picture on this phone. The S8’s camera has a ton of software features, in addition new image processing grinds thanks to Samsung’s “multi-frame” pictures. Bottom line: There’s a lot that can be done lot this camera, but it’s easy to miss some of these features if you don’t know where to look. That’s why we’re here to give you a rundown of everything that can be done with the Samsung Galaxy S8’s cameras. Check out our video clip guide to get the most out of your GS8’s camera arsenal, and be sure to subscribe so you don’t skip the latest Android reviews and opinions as they land! Best Galaxy S8 Cases
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First things to do with your new Galaxy S8
Samsung Universe S8 review
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[Deal Alert] Moto 360 v2 on sale as low as $189. 99 at B&H

The price of new Google android Wear devices is still very high, but many of the timepieces released a year or 2 ago are almost as capable as the new types. Plus, they’re cheap at this point. Case in point, you can get the Moto 360 v2 from B& H for as little as $190, and that’s for the super-fancy gold metal version.

B& H has many version of the 360 on sale, including the gold watch at $190 ($380 at launch).

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[Deal Alert] Moto 360 v2 on sale as low as $189. 99 from B& H was authored by the awesome team on Android Police.

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2016 Trends: Sex Toy Phones, Cases and Apps

Are we so connected by phones that sex toys are the next way we will connect to our loved ones?  It appears so if you review all of the phone-related sex toys, sex toy apps, cases, and accessories. We-Vibe, one … Continue reading

[Update: Instructions] Android Wear 2 . 0 is finally moving out to the Huawei Watch

  • Update  1: 2017/05/05 5: 43pm PDT We have been capable of trigger the update on our devices reliably.   Just  repeatedly tap on the green “system is up to date” display screen, and make sure WiFi is on. If

Android Wear second . 0 has been sort of available for a few months, although almost no timepieces were running it. Your best bet if you wanted AW2. 0 was to buy one of the new LG watches from Google.

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[Update: Instructions] Android Wear 2 . 0 is finally moving out to the Huawei View was written by the amazing team at Android Police.

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Google Home UK review: For all those its potential, still mostly an early adopter gadget

Google Home is a great little connected speaker, but its best features will be lost on non-enthusiasts. At the risk of stating the obvious, the home is a tough space to break directly into. Everyone’s home is set away differently, and we’re all searching for different things out of an internet-connected gadget for our living room, kitchen, bedroom or wherever. (Assuming we’re not creeped out there by the very idea of this kind of always-listening product that we dismiss it out of hand. ) Which is to say nothing of the range in tastes and providers among people who are in the market for the connected speaker with internet-driven intelligence. In the UK, Google Home makes its debut an excellent six months after Amazon’s Echo series. That device’s introduction shortly before the Christmas sales period, combined with heavy advertising, ensured Alexa had a considerable holiday-driven lead. Nevertheless, Search engines Home is here now, after three weeks with the device, I’m mostly sold on this. Even so, I find Now i am under… Continue reading

Kodi 18 will support Leanback suggestions and Google tone of voice search on Android TV

Kodi, formerly generally known as XBMC, is an open-source media  player that is available on a selection of platforms – including Google android. If you use Kodi on your Google android TV, you’ll be happy to realize that the next major release may support Leanback suggestions and voice search.

This means that Kodi will fill the home display of Android TV with content suggestions from your collection, much like YouTube and Search engines Play Movies. And as you are able to probably guess, the voice search functionality means you can ask to play anything inside your Kodi library from Google android TV’s Google search (it will never return results from add-ons).

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Kodi 18 will support Leanback suggestions plus Google voice search on Google android TV was written by the awesome team at Google android Police.

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