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I bought a phone running old Android. How do I upgrade?

What if I bought a phone running an old version of Android? Some manufacturers do not feel that upgrades of operating systems are worth their time for existing users, especially if they have customized Android with their own interface and/or … Continue reading

What is all this Ice Cream and Jelly Bean and Frosted Flakes? What is the current Android version?

Well, Frosted Flakes is cereal and it has nothing to do with Android.  But it is sugary and they could have used it for the version “F”.  But they didn’t.  Google rarely calls and asks for my suggestions anyway. Google … Continue reading

What about “apps”? What do I do with an “app”?

What about “apps”?  What do I do with an “app”? “Apps” is short for application and is an add-on or simplified modification to the software.  I am stuck in old school and still call them “programs”.  For instance, I download … Continue reading

Android is Open-Source Code. There are no secrets!

Android is Open-Source Well, consider that Android is owned by Google, there are probably lots of secrets!  But we won’t go into that right now. “Open Source” means that the code is not restricted.  It can be used by any … Continue reading

What is Android?

What is Android? Everyone has heard of Windows; or the Mac operating system; or maybe even Linux.   Each is an operating system for a computer.  In phones, you may have heard of Symbian (Nokia’s operating system), Windows for Mobile, and … Continue reading