Google android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated – KitKat At 1 . 8%, Jelly Bean 60. 7%, Gingerbread Slips In order to 20%



It can that time again – each month, Google updates the developer dashboard to reflect Android’s latest platform distribution amounts, determined according to devices which have accessed the Play Store in a seven-day period.  All stats include Lake Charles.


Last month, all of us saw KitKat make a little leap to 1. 4% : it’s made another small gain, rising to 1. 8% of devices, while Jello Bean has gone from 59. 1% up to 60. 7%. Gingerbread meanwhile continues its death march, letting 1 . 2% slip through its icy grasp, falling to an even 20% of gadgets.

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Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated – KitKat At 1 . 8%, Jello Bean 60. 7%, Gingerbread Slips To 20% had been written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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