Android is Open-Source Code. There are no secrets!

Android is Open-Source

Well, consider that Android is owned by Google, there are probably lots of secrets!  But we won’t go into that right now.

“Open Source” means that the code is not restricted.  It can be used by any manufacturer.  And because so much information on the operating system is available, everyone from amateur programmers to hard-core geeks have developed applications to add certain customized functions to their Android system.

In fact, there are millions of apps waiting to be downloaded.  In most cases, these downloadable apps are free.  And it makes sense … because it is believed that over half of all smart phones (and tablets or “phablets”) are now running Android.  Another figure released in October 2012, declared that Android was running more than 75% of the smart phones.

On computers, Windows is believed to have more than 90% of the market.  But it has taken them years to accomplish that feat.  Android has an effective birth date of 2009, making them about 3 years old … and already 75% of the market!  Quite a remarkable statement if it is true.

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