2016 Trends: Sex Toy Phones, Cases and Apps

Are we so connected by phones that sex toys are the next way we will connect to our loved ones?  It appears so if you review all of the phone-related sex toys, sex toy apps, cases, and accessories.

We-Vibe, one of the better (luxury) vibrators in the market believes that we will be better connected to our lovers by connecting our sex toys to the phone.  It works over the internet, allowing your partner to be somewhere else in the world.  The app also controls the toy, as well as provides a video link if the parties want to see each other.  According to We-Vibe, more than 1.5 million people used the app in 2015, and one-fourth of those used it more than eight times.

Another interesting aspect of internet controlled sex toys, is the Duggar/Ashley Madison version, where cheaters could be watching television at home with the family and kids, and be revving up the vibrator of their lover.  The kids and partner would be none the wiser.

LoveWorks Magazine recently described a confusing add-on for Apple Iphones that will blur the lines between sex toys and phone cases.  This particular case, when fitted around the Iphone, utilizes the vibrator motor of the iphone, and allows the user to, ummmmm … insert the torpedo part of the phone case.  As with We-Vibe, remote control over the internet is just an app away.  If you are having trouble visualizing this one, imagine a paint brush – where the brush itself is the phone, and a “handle” is sticking out from the phone.  The author, who writes under the name, “Aunt Helen”, ponders when these items will begin to appear at kiosks in the mall.  “It is a handle?” or is it a “sex toy”.  “Is it a phone case” or “an insertable toy”.

So far, most of the apps are designed for one-on-one connection, but it won’t be long before chat rooms are setup where entire groups can control anyone’s sex device that is logged in to that chat room.  I can’t quite picture how that will work, but I’m sure it will be a little bit strange, and a little bit interesting.

Android apps outnumber Iphone apps by a huge margin, due to Android’s open system architecture.

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